Review Policy

Paperback Raider was set up to review bargain books because I spend far too much time in The Works and on Amazon. I’m allergic to paying full price, so while there may be a range of paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks on here, you can be sure that I didn’t pay full price, and you shouldn’t have to either. You might notice I skew towards non-fiction, maybe because fact is often stranger than fiction, and fewer people pick those books up.

Please note I do not rate books with a five star rating. The review may be positive or negative, but one person’s five star is another’s one star, so I just review, I don’t rate. My opinions should make it plain what I thought.

The queue is books I have picked up from bargain hunting, and sometimes books I get sent or which are suggested to me by other reviewers (who lack time).  I don’t review in any particular order.

For authors and publishers, reviews here are free if you want to join the queue, or you may purchase a queuejumper option if you want to guarantee a short turn-around. You can also buy a Queuejumper option if you want a critique, beta, or brit-pick instead of a review.

No erotica. It bores me.

Queuejumper Options:

If my opinion is negative, I will send a critique back privately. I will not re-review books I have critiqued.

Package 1: $50 – Get the review or critique in four weeks.

Package 2: $100 – Get the review or critique in two weeks.

I may refund if I just can’t get into the book. The fact I charge at all should tell you how much I dislike getting random titles by email.