The Secret Library

The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle

The Works
What I paid:
£2.50 (Full Price: £12.99)

A Bibliophile’s delight, and a wonderful coffee table been OK for people to dip into. In the vein of Gary Dexter’s “Why not Catch-21?” it features things like which now-famous author only sold one book for a profit in his lifetime, and the type of literature nitpicking many readers love.

The presentation and layout is excellent. It is a small blue hardback with cream pages, nicely sized type, and ancedotes separated by clear headings, making it easy to find your place. The cover makes it quite clear what the book is about and is decorated to fit, with a keyhole logo that is very fitting.

This really is a book for literary trivia fans, and if you weren’t one when you started reading you will be by the end whether you want to be or not! Full of the sort of factoids that will stick in your mind, it also has a fair degree of use for anyone writing pub quizzes. After all, everyone remembers Charles Dickens, but what did Mrs Dickens write?

As light entertainment, a book to leave out to entertain guests, or something to hide in a desk drawer and while away a few minutes break, this is ideal. The only problem is that it is also engrossing, so remember you have to put it down once in a while!