Why not Catch-21?

Why not catch-21?

Why not Catch-21? by Gary Dexter

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£3.99 (Full Price: 9.99)

“Why not Catch-21?” is literary trivia with a difference.  Gary Dexter has researched the original of many famous (and infamous) books and describes how they got their titles, and what the original titles were.

Students of Literature and anyone studying English would love this book, as it is very useful in learning details “behind the scenes” of the publication of some of the books they study. And to answer the question why not Catch 21? Because the author couldn’t use Catch-18. If you want to know why not Catch-18, read this book!

The presentation is simple but effective. The book is a small hardback with a yellow/cream dustjacket and a very simple cover design. Don’t let that put you off, if you enjoy literary trivia, factoids, or just want something you can dip in and out of, this book is ideal.

Even though some of the entries may produce a chuckle, this isn’t really a humour book. I think I said, “that’s interesting” more times than I laughed, because some of the things in here will be on interest to any book buff. Even though each entry is seperate, and only a few pages long, it contains the type of titbit and information that will keep you reading while you forget how much time has passed. It would be a great coffee table or waiting room read, since you can stop easily at the end of each story. (Then you just have to resist the urge to sneak a peek…)

The only drawback it does have is low re-read value. Once it is read, it is read, and most of the facts are likely to stick in your mind so it isn’t a book I go back to very often. It is very good company in waiting rooms, however, as I have found.

Honestly, despite all the good things I am saying, I wouldn’t pay full price for this, mainly because of the low re-read value. If you can get this on discount for under a pound or so, it is worth it for a few evening’s light read and something you can dip in and out of.